philadelphia coronavirus covid-19 info

Philly Corona Virus (COVID-19) Info Dump

I’m updating this as I learn more information. If you have any credible info, please send it.

Carona Cases By Zip-Code in Philadelphia


Carona Cases by County in Pennsylvania


“Lessons from the Spanish flu: social distancing can be good for the economy” – The Economist


COVID-19 Tracking Project

Cases Tracking App

Handling the Coronavirus Dead in New York

Joe Rogan & Eric Weinstein

Joe Rogan & Dr. Osterholm

Philadelphia Dining at a Distance

Support Philadelphia restaurants, while responsibly practicing social distancing.


Takeout COVID is Helping Save Philly Restaurants and Bars

Order food, wine, and beer for delivery or take-out and keep your local favorites in business!

Information for Workers Impacted in PA

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